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Sarah's passion lies in the art of Restorations, Maintenance and
Tonal Adjustments of Violins,
Violas, Cellos and Bows.

Board Member - Elected 2016
Violin Society of America

Sarah Gray

It is necessary to be proactive to keep instruments in peak performance and health by routine, seasonal maintenance, Rehairs, Tonal adjustments and setup.

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Sarah Gray approaches the world of violins with the perspective gained from her background in art conservation. Years of training with violin and bow makers have acquainted her with the skills and techniques of the highly specialized field.

Precious Commodity and Renaissance

I believe we are living in one of the greatest eras of scientific discovery mankind has ever known.  We are experiencing a renaissance of new making in all its exquisite detail — through sharing of knowledge, lore, experimentation, expertise and especially the raw materials and availability of tools.


All raw materials are culled, sifted and otherwise prepared by me.  Elements of finest quality from around the world.  Pigments are ground here and applied by fine sable brush.  Likewise, Varnish is made  from raw elements.  Retouching is guaranteed, reversible and constant. Click to view a gallery of materials I use.

Professional Affiliations

Ron Forrester, Archetier
Jim Mckean, Violin Maker
John Safian, Luthier
Violin Society of America (VSA)


American Federation of Violins and Bow Makers

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