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I serve the Professional, the Teacher, the motivated Student and the Instrument — Endeavoring the pursuit of excellence.


stringed instrument making and repair

Luthier Services Offered by Sarah Gray

My Expertise lies in understanding of the musician, the instrument and the interaction between the two.  Creating custom solutions for player’s physical needs as well as instrument’s purpose.

Tonal Adjustment and Set-Up

We must think in terms of Bioaesthetics: You need to sound your best and your instrument needs to be kept in optimum health to preserve your work and investment.  Like an athlete your bow and instrument must be perfectly aligned and in
even proportion. I will precision tune these to your sensibilities to enhance your skill and ensure harmonics and overtones. Great damage to instruments occurs from average craftsmen’s good intentions.  My work is Minimum intervention, least invasive, reversible ...
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Structural Restoration, Repair, Retouching

I guarantee my work and offer photo documentation of the procedure for your records.  Materials used on your instrument are all exceptional, rare, hand selected by me from around the world, aged.  Tools used and their treatment has only been slightly refined from techniques passed down by from the great masters of the cinquecento ...
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Maintenance  (see “house-calls”)

Proper at-home maintenance is of the utmost importance. This ensures the instrument’s longevity, flawless quality
of sound and ease of play. In short, it will help your instrument’s value continue to appreciate over time, making your investment worth-while ... Read more and view gallery.

Exclusive “House Calls” or On-Site work...

... for your convenience by appointment for a small fee**. This service is particularly helpful for tonal adjustments.  The
player may hear each minute adjustment with familiar acoustics in the space where the instrument does most of its work.

** $0.55 /per mile round trip and 10% hourly increase depending on difficulty, tools needed and expertise involved.

Impartial Advice for Instrument Purchases

Never be surprised by the structural stability or otherwise veiled imperfections of an instrument.


I offer personal training sessions for students or teachers focusing on routine preventative maintenance.

Traveling with an Instrument?

Sarah Gray Restoration can help pack for shipping and international travel. Click here to visit the VSA website for up-to-date information on travel regulations and tips...



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